• You can send us your own clothes under the condition that they won't shrink after being embroidered and they don't contain stretch fibers.
  • Color and position of the embroider pattern can be choosen freely if technically possible. We can also make the patterns like the pictured samples or we can freely design your clothes - just as you wish.
  • It's also possible to buy the french army jackets (as seen in Instyle magazine) (49,- Euro), the U.S. bat parka (89,- Euro), t-shirts (10-14,- Euro) and sweaters (30-65,- Euro) bare and we will embroider or paint them according to your wishes.
  • We always need your clothing size and body height in order to ensure proper fit of the jackets. Sending us your exact measurements (ex. chest, waist, hips, arm length) would be best.
  • Add price of the particular embroider pattern (as shown in the tattoo gallery) and the shipping costs (ex. Germany 7.- Euro for insured packet) to calculate end price. We ship worldwide, please ask for shipping costs!
  • Paintings are calculated with 25.- Euro an hour. Development of customer's own pattern designs costs 45.- Euro an hour.

Presently we have a production time of about 3-4 weeks. When your order is finished, we will call you by phone or write you an e-mail.

We would like to point out that ...

  • We would prefer a pre-payment including shipping costs.
  • If additional costs occur because we have to open seams, sleeves or sew on pockets, etc., we will tell you this before accepting the order.
  • Colors of the clothes and yarns may vary a bit, but this it no ample reason to return or exchange an item.
  • A customized embroidered pattern CAN'T be returned.
  • An improperly used item can't be returned.
  • Read the washing instructions and keep proper care of the item.
  • If we deliver an item with the wrong size or in a defect state, we will replace it.
We are not a mailorderbusiness we are designers with the markeking by our own

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Naturally, you can reach us by telephone, the number is listed on the contact page.

w/ best regards from Faktorei Geheim in Hamburg, Germany
Britta & Detlef Klug